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We are so pleased that Sheree Rannow is doing a Mia Bella Candle Fundraiser for us. Sheree is donating a portion of the profit of these candles to Volunteer Network OC. Mia Bella candles are amazing, clean burning natural wax candles. Stock up now for holiday gift giving. Or, order your Fall scents like Spiced Cranberry, White Pumkin or Carmel Pumkin Kiss.

  1. Made in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  2. Made from sustainable 100% natural Palm Wax. When harvested, it does not hurt the Palm tree. The Palm fruit used to make Palm Wax is harvested while the tree continues to grow.
  3. Non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms) and a rapidly renewable resource
  4. Absorbs fragrance easily so you get a strong fragrance from the first burn to your last burn
  5. Non-Toxic and considered to be a clean burning wax
  6. Our proprietary wax blend has a longer burn time
  7. Has a higher melting point
  8. Is virtually Soot free
  9. Has a beautiful consistent crystalized appearance
  10. Does not pull away from the jars
  11. Little to no maintenance is required
  12. Palm Wax is becoming the wax of the future!

Please contact Sheree directly at: shereerannow@gmail.com or 714-322-8257 if you are interested. Only $25, for a 16 oz. jar. Thanks Sheree and thank you everyone for your support.