Cartoon kids playingResponding to Child Poverty

Our lives these days are traveling at “freeway speeds” if not at NASCAR speeds, with no low gear to slow us down. So, stopping, is more like the annoyance of the bug on the windshield as we turn on the windshield wipers and keep moving forward. It just does not seem possible in our time and demanding lives. Childhood poverty, a social problem, is also seen as someone else’s problem that there is no time for, but is it someone else’s problem? How many children can we pass without stopping to help?

Consequences of Child Poverty

Teachers are often the first to respond to child poverty in our society today. In their position, children will be dropped off at school who have not been fed or who’s only proper meal will be the one provided at school. Whether the student is food poor or poor without means and resources to fit into normal school life, it is a sign that help is needed. Can you slow down to see this need? The consequences of child poverty are that they may not be able to succeed in school with their focus on the next meal, instead of what they will learn in Math or History class. There is a good chance that their parents also did not have the advantage of an advanced education. Helping just one student may be what it takes to break the cycle of poverty and lifting them into a better living standard.

Awareness of Child Poverty and How to Help

Look for this message to be repeated by Emmy Award nominee and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador, Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown. She brings her voice, awareness and passion to the cause of fighting child poverty. Breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty for children may be as simple as taking action, caring, and stopping to help. Extending that safety net to the parents may bring new possibilities, as well. If you are interested in helping, consider using the Volunteer Network OC’s App. On the App, Nonprofits that specialize in Child Poverty can be researched, and volunteer opportunities can be found. Volunteer Network OC’s App is available on Apple Store or through Google Play. We look forward to you volunteering.