Last week, I had the honor of doing a talk about Volunteer Network OC for a women’s group at the Elk’s Club in Santa Ana. I had heard that this group of women were looking for volunteer opportunities, but did not know how to find them.

The talk went really well. I told them how I had never volunteered before becoming involved with this organization. I had thought about it, but I too didn’t know where to go to find all the different events helping our homeless neighbors and people in need. I have been working as an interior designer for about 25 years and had created a bubble. I knew there were people suffering and with no place to call home, but I wasn’t seeing it.
I think that’s the story of a lot of people who are going through life. It’s hard sometimes to take a step back and look at what is around us since our lives seem to be moving along and we’re doing fine.

I had known Bill Cates, the CEO of Volunteer Network OC, and his law partner for many years through my interior design business. Bill is an attorney and has a very successful law firm in Newport Beach. One day he mentioned Volunteer Network OC. I was amazed that he had started this nonprofit. He’s an example of someone who is very successful, but who takes the time to think about others in need. Compassion and caring have never been obscure words to Bill and his wife Cheryl.

From there, I started to volunteer. He and Cheryl had created this amazing platform allowing nonprofits in the community to post events and giving us a way to volunteer for these events with one click.

You just don’t know how rewarding it can be to volunteer until you have done it. Please consider it yourself. You won’t be disappointed. There many people who need our support. Download our free app on Google Play or the App Store, register, choose an event and then click on “volunteer.” You are ready to show up and make a difference in a life, or several lives. It’s volunteering made easy.

“It’s a mistake to do nothing just because you can only do a little.” ~Karen Duffy (former MTV VJ and Volunteer)