Thankful for Our Wonderful Volunteers

Our numbers are soaring! Volunteer Network OC’s drive to register volunteers has been quite successful, and we have seen many new faces at our volunteer events. Our slogan, and the main purpose of our app, is Volunteering Made Easy. Nothing makes us happier than meeting people at these events who found our app through a Google search and were able to use it with minimal time and effort. Two examples are as follows:

When volunteering with Qoheleth on Saturday, November 13, 2021, we met Edvernor Burney and her friend Robert Murata (pictured). Edvernor found the Volunteer Network OC app through Google. She registered and volunteered. She then told Robert about it and he registered and volunteered. Serving with Qoheleth is always a rewarding experience, and Edvernor and Robert made it that much more enjoyable. The icing on the cake is that Edvernor has signed up to help us again this weekend. We look forward to seeing her at our Friends of VNOC distribution event serving people experiencing homelessness.

Last Saturday, we met Anna and Mark. Their last names are withheld only because we did not specifically ask their permission to disclose them. Anna was planning a visit to Orange County from North Carolina and wanted to do something special. Like Edvernor, Anna found our app through a Google search. She shared it with Mark, and they registered and volunteered to help at Loaves and Fishes. Anna thanked us for the app. She found it was super easy and quick to use.

We are thankful for our many volunteers, and look forward to seeing many new faces at upcoming events.

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!