Family Assistance Ministries Goal Is A Self-Sufficient Life

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting FAM (Family Assistance Ministries).

FAM is doing such great work to help those in need. They offer emergency housing and shelter,
permanent supportive housing, rental assistance plus more.
When I arrived at their distribution center in San Clemente, there were cars in line to receive groceries,
which included fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, shelf-stable items, dairy, eggs and other refrigerated
and frozen items. Baby diapers, other hygiene items, pet food and cat litter are also available.

First thing in the morning, their truck driver stops at various restaurants and stores to pick up the
donations for the day. When the truck arrives at the distribution center, volunteers and staff check the
fruit, eggs, and vegetables.

The volunteers then put bags and boxes of food together to distribute. I
was able to see the area where all of this happens. There are many shelves of food and multiple
refrigerators and freezers.

FAM has on site social workers and it also helps clients with their resumes. The goal of FAM is to help
clients move on and gain confidence for a self-sufficient life.

I was told all about FAM’s success. When someone arrives at
Family Assistance Ministries, they are met with warmth and compassion. From there, assistance is
offered to help navigate the next steps. From crisis and instability to confidence and security, clients
regain the independence they have lost.

Thousands of families and individuals have received help and hope from FAM. While I was visiting, a
family came into the lobby. One of their wonderful staff members talked with them and introduced herself.
Right away she put them at ease. They knew they were safe to share what they were going through.

If you would like to learn more about FAM, please visit their website.

If you would like to volunteer with FAM, please download our free app on Google Play or The App Store
and register, then search for events. They need pantry workers during the week. Can you help?