Clothing The Homeless VanI am often asked how and where donations of clothes and other items that are needed by those we serve. As I was cleaning out my mother’s house after she passed away, I was looking into that same issue. I contacted one of the organizations we have on our website, Clothing the Homeless. I have had the opportunity to volunteer for this organization on a number of occasions. They provide a respectful and caring way to distribute clothing to their clients. It makes me feel good that my mother’s clothes can now be used to support them.

How to donate:


Bring your bagged items to Journey Christian Church, 4849 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604. Clothing the Homeless has a van parked in the parking lot for your donations. There is a sign directing you to leave your clothes inside the van if it is open, or next to it if it is not open. If you need to speak with someone, please call the church at 949-786-4849. Patsy was sweet and helpful.Clothing The Homeless Van with Bags

Clothing Needed

• Pants/shorts

• Men’s belts

• Shirts

• Coats/jackets/sweatshirts/hoodies

• Shoes

• Socks

• Underwear (new preferred)

• Baseball style hats, beanies, summer hats

• Gloves, scarves

• Women’s sport bras/bras (gently used ok)

• Women’s costume jewelry

Items needed for living on the streets


• Backpacks

• Duffel bags

• Rolling suitcases (only)

• Women’s shoulder bags

• Sleeping bags

• Yoga mats

• Towels of all sizes

• Soap/shampoo (travel size only)

• Wrist watches (working or not)