About Maria Galasso

Maria is the Director of Operations for Volunteer Network OC and also has her own business as an Interior Designer.

Seniors Volunteering

Recently, our CEO, Bill Cates and I were asked to speak at a senior living community about volunteering. Bill Cates created Volunteer Network OC to engage our community and magnify the cause of helping others. This help is needed seven days a week. We value our senior and retired community so much. We were [...]

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Family Assistance Ministries Goal Is A Self-Sufficient Life

Family Assistance Ministries Goal Is A Self-Sufficient Life Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting FAM (Family Assistance Ministries). FAM is doing such great work to help those in need. They offer emergency housing and shelter, permanent supportive housing, rental assistance plus more. When I arrived at their distribution center in San Clemente, there [...]

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American Family Housing

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to tour American Family Housing in Midway City. Also, along for the tour was our CEO, Bill Cates and board member, Barbara Stewart. American Family Housing is doing great work. They offer low income and permanent housing for homeless, as well as special needs veterans. To quote [...]

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New Addition to Our Board

We are proud to introduce our new board member, Darrick Garcia. Darrick brings to Volunteer Network OC a wealth of experience and wisdom that will help us achieve our goals to serve disadvantaged members of our community and to encourage getting involved through charitable work. We believe an active community that is compassionate and [...]

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Thank You For Your Support

I wanted to thank everyone for attending our First Annual Par 4 The Cause Charity Golf Challenge. It was a great day. We started out greeting our golfers. They were in for a wonderful day of golfing at Strawberry Farms Golf Course. Jason of 19th Hole Productions made sure everyone had a great time. [...]

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Our Blessings Count

Our Blessings Count As the holidays are approaching, I find myself thinking more about individuals and families without a place they call home. I realize how blessed we really are to have our family and friends to share Thanksgiving dinner and celebrate the holidays with. Recently I visited a family member in Portland Oregon. [...]

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Let’s Encourage Each Other

Let's Encourage Each Other On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I attended a wonderful 9/11 Commencement  Ceremony presented by The Power Of One Foundation and hosted by actor Jack Scalia.  This was an amazing event held in The Hangar at The OC Fairgrounds. The remembrance event had so much for us all to reflect [...]

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