It’s encouraging to see how, even in the midst of challenging times, our communities are finding ways to support one another. Thank you so much.

I thought this would be a good time to write a happy blog.

Last November, we had our first annual gala at Wilcox Manor in Tustin. Here is a previous blog I wrote about Wilcox Manor if you would like to learn more: Lindburgh McPherson – A Shining Example of Giving

Donna-Wilcox Manor-2One of our auction items at our gala was a multi-course dinner for twelve personally prepared by the owners of Wilcox Manor, Lindberg McPherson and Michael Demoratz. Donna Marineau had the winning bid!! Recently I interviewed Donna about her experience.

At 5:30, Donna said she and her eleven guests were greeted by Michael and Lindberg at the door. Eventually they moved into the parlor where they were given the history of this amazing room.

If you have been to Wilcox Manor you know that your tour is limited to the downstairs portion of the home. The upstairs is the private quarters of Lindberg and Michael. Donna and her guests were pleased when they were led upstairs to the normally unauthorized second floor. The guests learned more about the history of the home, which had actually been a three-story hotel in the 1800’s. One story had been removed.

Donna-Wilcox Manor-1

After the tour of the upstairs and drinks downstairs, it was time for dinner. Donna said that the table was set so beautifully. Lindberg had asked her to give a bit of a biography about each guest. Each place setting had a specific framed place card with a descriptive, fun name based on that information.

It started with hors d’oeuvres all the way through dessert. With each course Lindberg and Michael shared a story. There was a bit of sorbet to clean the palate before the main course, of which there were two There was meat choice, filet mignon and fish choice, salmon. For dessert, there were wedges of cake. All delicious, to say the least.

During the dinner, Lindberg and Michael were the perfect hosts and interacted with their guests. They told stories, and there were even some fun games that involved discussions and collaborations.

When they decided to call it a night, six hours had gone by. Yes, it was 11:30 PM!! Never a dull moment.

Donna told me that from the moment she and her guests entered the home, she knew that they were not going to be let down. She was “Heart Happy” the whole evening and called it an experience she will never forget.

Lindberg and Michael are two of the most kind and compassionate individuals you will ever meet. Along with organizing and managing events at Wilcox Manor, Lindberg also volunteers at Habitat For Humanity each week. Michael is a hospice social worker. Thank you Michael and Lindberg. You truly inspire us.