Our Super Heroes

Healthcare worker face maskDuring these trying times we know there are heroes, but I think they are Super Heroes.

I know for myself, I kept saying, wow, this would be a terrible time to end up in the emergency room. Well, that is exactly what happened.

I was taking one of my walks that I looked forward to every day during quarantine. Somehow I tripped and tried to protect myself from falling flat on my face and in the process broke my wrist. I knew I had a bad injury. I called my friend who arrived quickly to take me to the emergency room.

When I arrived, the amazing staff, with masks and gloves on, took my temperature and quizzed me about any travel in recent months. All I could do was think about what a blessing these workers were for being there. They probably all have families at home and could be there with them, but they were not. With each person they greeted, they were taking a chance. They had really no idea what each person’s situation was.

The emergency room was completely empty. I was helped right away. They brought me to a bed and told me I would have to have my wrist “reduced.” Back in the day I think that was called to have a bone “Set.” I have never broken a bone, so I had no idea what was going to happen.

I was in the emergency room about seven hours. From the start, the nurses and doctor didn’t miss a beat. They cared for me while taking care of everyone else coming in. It was an elaborate, delicate dance that only they could do. At one point they came in to tell me there was a delay for my procedure because the person in the next room had just had a massive stroke. I understood and never, not for one second, did I feel unsafe. There were no COVID-19 patients in this part of the hospital. I can almost guarantee that all of the healthcare workers and doctor helping me had previously taken their turns caring for the very ill COVID-19 patients.

I watched in awe as the nurses, doctors and other workers never stopped. They never took a break. I saw in action the dedication and fortitude of these heroes. It takes a certain type of person to be so selfless.

During this Pandemic we have seen the other essential workers helping us through these tough times. They are the truck drivers, the grocery store workers, police officers, firefighters, moms, dads and so many more. Also, the volunteers who are working with the food banks and churches to safely hand out food and essential items to families and individuals impacted by the Safer At Home order.

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Our Super Heroes don’t wear elaborate masks and costumes to hide their identity or live in fancy cities. They wear protective masks and work in hospitals and grocery stores. Thank you for all you do. We are so grateful and blessed to know you are there each day making sure we are healthy, have food and are safe.

If you would like to help our heroes by making masks, Volunteer Network OC has a Virtual Volunteer-Help From Home Campaign that you can sign up for on our free phone app. Please go to Google Play or The App Store to download our app. Search events and volunteer with one click. Drop them off at our location in Newport Beach and we will make sure to distribute them to essential workers and volunteers.