Some Good News

Rainbow Hands

Although, we must recognize all of the lives we have lost during these trying times and we grieve for their families and friends, we finally had great news here in California. Our COVID numbers are declining. Cases are down and our average positivity rate is dropping. Plus, our hospitalization admissions are down.

This is all great information and let’s hope with the vaccinations being administered, our numbers continue improving and we are on the way to normalcy again.

I just wanted to send a positive message since so much of what we have been hearing lately is negative. I also wanted to thank all of our volunteers. It’s so encouraging to see that through the pandemic, our volunteer database has grown beyond our expectations.

You are making a difference in your communities. I believe that most caring hearts reach out to help when others are in need. I have seen it right in front of me. It has been so amazing to witness. We know that this dedication to service will only grow.

If you haven’t already, please download our free phone app on Google Play or The App Store. After you have registered, you can search events and volunteer with one click. Some events are remote, some are COVID safe in-person events. You can choose which you are comfortable with.

I can always find a quote from Mr. Rogers that is just what I would like to say.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”~Fred Rogers

This is the beginning of something special. We are all a part of it. Thank you for all you are doing. Let’s keep moving forward.