About Maria Galasso

Maria is the Director of Operations for Volunteer Network OC and also has her own business as an Interior Designer.

Some Good News

Some Good News Although, we must recognize all of the lives we have lost during these trying times and we grieve for their families and friends, we finally had great news here in California. Our COVID numbers are declining. Cases are down and our average positivity rate is dropping. Plus, our hospitalization admissions are [...]

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A Message Of Gratitude

A Message Of Gratitude At Volunteer Network OC, we realize what a challenging year 2020 has been. The amazing thing is that through it all, the spirit of helping others remained stronger than ever. We saw an increase in volunteers throughout the whole year. Although physical events were few, nonprofit organizations, churches and others, [...]

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Helping Our Homeless

Helping Our Homeless! While COVID-19 is still present and hopefully our infection numbers continue to decline, California continues its progress in helping to find shelter for our homeless neighbors. In the spring, Project Roomkey was introduced allowing California's homeless population to find shelter in motels to protect them from exposure to COVID-19. Then, in June, [...]

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Welcome Matthew

Welcome Matthew!   Volunteer Network OC is so excited to introduce everyone to Matthew Plaza.  Matthew is our new Community Outreach intern and he will be helping us with projects this summer.  He has already helped us tremendously by using his creativity to create some colorful and eye-catching social media flyers. Matthew is currently a [...]

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Our Newest Team Member

Volunteer Network OC is so proud to introduce Esther Shin. Esther will be a part of our volunteer team working on various projects through the summer. Having graduated from UCI with a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior, Cum Laude, Esther is currently employed as an administrative assistant in a private medical practice in Irvine [...]

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What Do Nonprofit Organizations Need

What Do Nonprofit Organizations Need And How Can I Help?At Volunteer Network OC our mission is one of compassion for the plight of others and helping to make stronger, healthier communities.We do this by bringing volunteers together with nonprofit organizations in Orange County. You can see local events posted on our free phone app. The [...]

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The Spirit of Helping Others

The Spirit of Helping Others We at Volunteer Network OC thank all of our essential workers and volunteers. The spirit of helping others is alive and well. We wanted to focus on a few of the amazing people making a difference, including comedian Jay Leno. Jay has 3D printers in his garage which he [...]

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It's encouraging to see how, even in the midst of challenging times, our communities are finding ways to support one another. Thank you so much. I thought this would be a good time to write a happy blog. Last November, we had our first annual gala at Wilcox Manor in Tustin. Here is a previous [...]

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