Open Summer 2017,

Orange County’s local homeless families have found welcome relief to their situations with HomeAid’s newly built Family Care Center, in the City of Orange, California. HomeAid Orange County is a Non Profit, founded in 1989 by the Building Industry Association of So. California. HomeAid Orange County’s Family Care Center will give shelter to homeless families while also providing resources and support. HomeAid Orange County’s vision to end homelessness starts at the core—where does someone go when they suddenly find themselves without a home? HomeAid gives children and their parents, along with individuals, the opportunity to move from benches to beds to self-sufficiency.

Family Care Center residents will have support from case management services that will assist and give guidance to the families in taking the steps to be independent and in homes of their own. The highly rated and experienced Non Profit, Mercy House will provide the management services at the Center. Support and resources will be made available from organization partnerships with Pathways To Hope and the Non Profit Shelter Community, State, County and City agencies that want to make a difference and give the homeless families permanent solutions. HomeAid is the only community based organization that has successfully completed 57 emergency, interim and permanent supportive building and renovating development projects throughout Orange County, as well as across the entire homeless Continuum of Care spectrum.

This new facility in the city of Orange was designed and built to conform with Senate Bill 2 (2008) and City of Orange Housing Element Policy Action 30 results in building permit, site plan and operating plan approval at City staff level. Resident clientele will be pre-admission screened and preference will be given to families with children under 18 years of age. For the safety of these families there will be strict rules of no drugs, alcohol, weapons or pornography permitted. Admission will be denied for sex offenders and felons with open warrants. The Family Care Center is located within an industrial complex and away from any residential areas. There will be 10 to 15 families in residence at the Family Care Center.

As a short-term, temporary transitional housing option, residents will cycle through with a 45-day maximum stay within a 120-day period. They will only occupy the Center from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. daily. HomeAid Orange County and the partnerships of supporting organizations will work within this time frame to find permanent housing solutions for these families.

Thank You HomeAid and the other supporting Non Profits of Orange County for making a difference for these families and our community.