You Can Help

Volunteers Needed

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our nonprofit organizations helping the homeless and disadvantaged in our communities. Also, thank you to our volunteers!

If you have downloaded our free phone app on Google Play or The App Store, or have looked on our website, you’ll notice that there are several volunteer events. Some of these events are looking for volunteers daily. They need your help!

These organizations are asking for you to donate one of your most valuable commodities, your time. It’s a big ask, but if you can, please consider adding volunteering to your schedule whenever possible. Also, pass the word on to your family and friends.

Helping others, now more than ever, is so important. Whether it be from Covid or other factors, there are still many people in need of assistance. It can happen so quickly! A young family might find themselves without a home, food or even diapers for their baby. Where do they go? What do they do? The many nonprofit organizations in Orange County have answers. They are there just for this reason.

So please download our free app on Google Play or The App Store. Look for volunteer events in your area and sign up with one click.

Here are a few events happening in August:

There is still time to sign up for events happening in July as well.

Hoping you are all enjoying the summer and we look forward to seeing you at a volunteer event soon.