Plans For The Future

We are so encouraged at Volunteer Network OC to see our state, and the whole country, getting back to “normal.” As we navigate our way back into our pre-COVID lives, VNOC is hopeful that you will make volunteering a way of life.

So many of you, even on the darkest days of the pandemic, took the time to volunteer. Whether it was remote, or in-person, our volunteer base increased in large numbers.

We bring volunteers together with the nonprofit organizations in Orange County helping the homeless and disadvantaged and we will continue to do this at no charge to the nonprofit organizations or the volunteers. These nonprofit organizations on our platform need you now more than ever.

With our free phone app, available on Google Play or The App Store, you can search events, find an event you would like to volunteer for and with one click, you are signed up. It’s Volunteering Made Easy! There are so many daily volunteer events now. You can help prepare meals at Bracken’s Kitchen, help deliver food at Delivering With Dignity, or assist the food pantry receiver at H.O.P.E. There are also ongoing events at other organizations like Pathways Of Hope.

Our app is working so well. We look forward to continuing to help our grassroots communities. In the future, we hope to expand the internal tools on our platform for our nonprofit organizations. We are listening and appreciate the input we are receiving.

Everything we offer is based 100% on donations and fundraising. If you would like to help us grow, a donation would be so greatly appreciated. You can make a one-time donation, or sign up for monthly donations for any amount you would like.

We can’t do this without you. We thank you so much for your continued support! #togetherwecan

Here is the donation link: