Helping Our Homeless!

While COVID-19 is still present and hopefully our infection numbers continue to decline, California continues its progress in helping to find shelter for our homeless neighbors.

In the spring, Project Roomkey was introduced allowing California’s homeless population to find shelter in motels to protect them from exposure to COVID-19.

Then, in June, the State Legislation and Governor Newsom included a total of $600 Million in the new budget. This money is to be used by counties to purchase properties to convert into housing for the homeless.

Orange County officials are negotiating to buy three motels to convert into housing for the homeless

There are three properties proposed–

60 Unit Motel = $13.4 Million

72 Unit Motel = $12.7 Million

20 Unit Motel = $2 Million

Orange County supervisors unanimously authorized the staff to start the purchasing process and should know by the end of September if the state will approve the funding for these properties.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic Volunteer Network OC continues to support nonprofits directly helping the homeless, as well as other food insecure individuals and families, domestic violence and human trafficking victims.

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