Unity Is Strength

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As we approach summer, all of us at Volunteer Network OC are encouraged. The spirit of volunteerism increased exponentially during the quarantine, and the Covid-19 positivity rate keeps dropping as the vaccinations are administered. We saw many new volunteers who wanted to help in any way they could. There were many virtual events and drive-thru events available for our volunteers.

We had a tremendous increase in downloads of our free phone app, which makes it easy to find local volunteer opportunities. With one click, you are signed up to help! It’s Volunteering Made Easy.

Along with an increase in volunteers, we are also excited that more of our local nonprofit organizations helping the homeless and disadvantaged are making use of our platform. Both Bracken’s Kitchen and Delivering With Dignity are in need of volunteers on a daily basis. Please help out if you can.

Click here to see events: https: //app.volunteernetworkoc.org/event_search

Also, keep an eye out for events from Power Of One. They have become a local treasure in just over a year. Power Of One was created to help people in need shortly before the pandemic. In their first full year of operation, Power of One distributed more than 2.5 million meals to families in need and was named the 2020 California nonprofit of the year.

Bunny and Bear

We are happy to have them on our platform, along with more than 65 other nonprofit Orange County organizations helping others.

Pathways of Hope, Qoheleth Ministries and Clothing The Homeless have ongoing events which are posted on our mobile app. We are hoping to see Loaves and Fishes back soon.

If you are interested in helping, please go to Google Play or The App Store to download our free app.

Thank you so much for volunteering! These organizations need you now more than ever. Together we can!

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek